Liz Legrande

Movement Coach


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“The first day of your brand new life begins now. It is the launch of your dream chapter. The birth of a new you. The end of an old era and the magical start of a new one. You get to decide when and how you start over. All it takes is one thought; one decision that will alter your life forever. Clear the space in front of you and make room for what’s coming. Your dreams get activated the moment you realize you’re worthy of achieving them.”

Liz LeGrande is a free-spirited, loving soul who is inspired by the magic and mystery of life. She is passionate about helping others live out their fullest potential. As a dancer, choreographer, & movement coach, Liz collaborated with artists, including Katy Perry, Beyonce, Usher, Thomas Rhett, Christina Aguilera, Robin Thicke, Saweetie, Iggy Azalea, Ty Dolla Sign, Chayanna & Ciara. Her work has taken her to a wide variety of outlets including films & television shows such as Glee, Dancing With The Stars, Bunheads, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Shake It Up, America’s Best Dance Crew, Empire, Step Up Highwater, Genius, Dear Eleanor & Behind The Candelabra

In a world constantly requiring us to recreate ourselves, dance and meditation became Liz’s greatest tools for transformation. In 2008, Liz went to a rehab facility after suffering from an eating disorder. It was there she became passionate about the wellness world and independently discovered that intuitive movement could heal her body. Her desire to learn led her on a journey of self-discovery and scientific research, guiding Liz to live abroad to study a rare, ancient healing technique. After integrating this modality into her personal practice, she began sharing with others. 


Liz now offers coaching using The LIZ LEGRANDE Method - which is a powerful movement-based meditation experience that has a full-time scientific advisor, including a dual-qualified MD and Neuroscience Ph.D., who helped Liz design this powerful evidence-based experience. The method combines neuroscience, breathwork, visualization, and human connection. Her focus is on evoking in individuals a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being to obtain spiritual freedom, providing much-needed relief from our busy and oftentimes stressful world. By shining the light of consciousness into the shadowed corners of our psyche, we are able to acknowledge, learn from, and release the suffering attached to them.


"It’s about strengthening the connection between your mind, body, and spirit to support you on your journey to becoming a more fully embodied, integrated, and successful version of yourself. By using the unique sensations of the body as a tool, we're able to develop awareness, stay present & self-regulate emotions." - Liz LeGrande


Heal transform elevate

Healing is not just a mental exercise. It requires us to feel and metabolize our pain in conjunction with analyzing and understanding it.


Why? Our life experiences stamp their mark on us. This stamp of experience affects both the body and the mind. And for this reason, our character is expressed as much in our bodies as it is through our minds.  


When you suppress an emotion, it reveals itself in unexpected ways, and over time, repeated activation of this stress response takes a real toll on the body - changing the brain & causing depression, anxiety, addiction, etc.

Interested in releasing past traumas and starting anew - feel free to reach out!