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We are reclaiming the wisdom of our ancestors, regulating our nervous systems, and launching our dream chapter. This is the birth of your body revolution.


Hi! I’m Liz. I help dancers, choreographers, performers, and women connect their mind, body, and spirit through my somatic movement methodology, TUNED. My mission is to help shift our culture to become more loving and resilient through movement, neuroscience, and Anthropology.


I am a choreographer, movement coach, and trauma navigator. 


With 16 years of experience in the industry, I've collaborated with artists, including Katy Perry, Beyonce, Ye, Usher, Thomas Rhett, Christina Aguilera, Robin Thicke, Saweetie, Iggy Azalea, Ty Dolla Sign, Chayanna & Ciara. Her work has taken her to a wide variety of outlets including films & television shows such as Glee, Dancing With The Stars, Bunheads, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Shake It Up, America’s Best Dance Crew, Empire, Step Up Highwater, Genius, Dear Eleanor & Behind The Candelabra



Heal transform elevate

Healing is not just a mental exercise. It requires us to feel and metabolize our pain in conjunction with analyzing and understanding it.


Why? Our life experiences stamp their mark on us. This stamp of experience affects both the body and the mind. And for this reason, our character is expressed as much in our bodies as it is through our minds.  


When you suppress an emotion, it reveals itself in unexpected ways, and over time, repeated activation of this stress response takes a real toll on the body - changing the brain & causing depression, anxiety, addiction, etc.

Interested in releasing past traumas and starting anew - feel free to reach out!



“Liz cleansed me of all my pain. With each breath she guided us into healing in spirit and in truth. I was released into a floating airy feeling that I haven’t had in so long !! Liz was used by God to guide me out of traumatic pain and into my peaceful place… I literally felt like I went from the Dark into the Light without having to fight but just by listening, breathing and surrendering to the Power she helped reveal was truly deep inside of me. I began to breathe again and now I’m starting to live again. That day changed my life... can’t wait to see this taken to the masses globally! My Liz, thank you for helping save me!”


- Reyna Joy Banks (CEO/Pastor/Creative Director/VO’s)

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