Active Consciousness is an ancient and very powerful practice that involves a blend of rhythmic fast breathing and meditation. The process washes out hidden emotions, blockages, and/or stuck emotions in the physical body.

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Liz is committed to excellence in preparation and execution. To that end, she has studied and qualified as a licensed wellness coach specializing in breath work. Further, Liz delved into the world of Neuroscience to discover the neural correlates of wellness, and incorporate them into her practice, seeking advice from a licensed medical doctor and neuroscientists, about her methodology. 


“It’s a literal experience of actively feeling energy, being conscious of everything you’re feeling, all through meditating. It was so intense, powerful, necessary...”


-Imani Marshall  


Simply put, It's the easiest way to release repressed emotions that most of our bodies are storing. Here's why this is relevant to you.


There are more receptors communicating from our body to brain than brain to body. This means that mind over matter is not always accurate as our body, cells, organs & DNA literally hold memories, stresses and trauma that we experience. It’s up to us to metabolize these experiences. If we don’t, our bodies become used to storing these memories, eventually leading us to overreact to stressors that are not life-threatening, such as traffic jams, work pressures, and family difficulties. 


Basically, when you suppress an emotion, it reveals itself in unexpected ways. Over time, repeated activation of the stress response takes a real toll on the body and can even change the brain causing depression, anxiety, and addiction. 



“Liz cleansed me of all my pain. With each breath she guided us into healing in spirit and in truth. I was released into a floating airy feeling that I haven’t had in so long !! Liz was used by God to guide me out of traumatic pain and into my peaceful place… I literally felt like I went from the Dark into the Light without having to fight but just by listening, breathing and surrendering to the Power she helped reveal was truly deep inside of me. I began to breathe again and now I’m starting to live again. That day changed my life... can’t wait to see this taken to the masses globally! My Liz, thank you for helping save me!”


- Reyna Joy Banks (CEO/Pastor/Creative Director/VO’s)

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